Best place to visit in Uttrakhand

Best place to visit in Uttrakhand
best place to visit in Uttrakhand

100+ Best place to visit in Uttrakhand:

Uttrakhand; It is an untouched, pristine city of India, miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city, whenever we hear the word Uttrakhand, we start imagining the beautiful hills, zigzag roads and an incredible people with enriched culture even a lot more. It is very difficult to describe the beauty of Uttrakhand in words. I do not understand from where I start to describe its beauty; really, it is a wonderful place on the earth. A beautiful hill station and honeymoon destination for all lovers, before I tell you the best place to visit in Uttrakhand and you get pack your bags up; I would like to share some essential tips which will very helpful and double your joy of the journey.

By the way, It is known by the name of Devbhumi as well. People of Uttrakhand believes that God lives there in the form of beauty and nature.

Before you visit anywhere you should have the little information about the place how it is, how it was I mean a short history; It is for those who travel for educational purpose or wanna grab some information and knowledge may be to write an article sometimes, they eager to know all the points about the place; don’t worry, you are on the right place, here you will get all the information about Uttarakhand. Almost everyone knows the primary places to visit in Uttrakhand, but here I will share some hidden destinations as well, which will make your journey so unique and enjoyable.

Basically, Uttarakhand is divided into two regions one is Kumaon, and another one is Garhwal.

Location and short history:-

Uttrakhand is located in the northern part of India; It borders Tibet to the north; the Sudurpashchim Pradesh of Nepal to the east; the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh to the south and Himachal Pradesh to the west and north-west.

It was a part of the Indian state Uttar Pradesh till 2000, then It got separated and became a new 27th state of  REPUBLIC INDIA. It was formally named by Uttranchal; that’s why most of the people still called it Uttaranchal. I also like the name “Uttranchal” too.

Total no of the district; 13


Every destination in Uttrakhand has its own beauty and uniqueness, the list which I am sharing is according to the reliability of the visitors, it is not according to their beauty because all destinations are better than anyone. Every place has a lot of beauty you can’t even compare which one is best and which is least, so don’t think that the first one is the best and the last one is the least, all are so beautiful charming and extremely unique from each.

Best place to visit in Uttrakhand:

Well, there are a lot of places to visit in Uttrakhand but, I would try to share the best places where you will feel that you are somewhere on the lap of heaven or the peak of the world so guys, let’start the journey.


best honeymoon destination in uttrakhand
The beauty of Nainital from the corner of Naini lake

The city of lakes Nainital is the most beautiful place, not even in Indian only you can say in the whole world. Beautiful lakes, crisp fresh air, dense green jungles, and mesmerizing high hills all around look like a Paradise on the earth. It does not only attract Indian tourists moreover, foreign visitors mostly visit here. Nainital is not only a famous tourist destination but is also known for its prestigious organizations, institutions, and schools which have established since the British era.

You will be surprised to see the beauty all-around, jaw-dropping views, and the sound of bells from temples will give a sweet tinkle in your ears. Nainital is the only district of Uttrakhand which has more than ten lakes itself that is why it is called the City of lakes,

A beautiful holiday destination in Uttrakhand
amazing Himalayan range view from Naina peak Nainital (pic credit- Mr. Bharat Haldwani)
best tourist place in Uttrakhand nainital
A small beautiful town Unchakot  Nainital(pic credit goes to Miss Preeti Bhat Nainital)

Green dense forest and an excellent view of mountains will make you feel like you are in heaven. In this article, you will not only get the information about the best place to visit in Uttrakhand, but you will also get the hidden destinations of every best site you visit. I will share the list of the hidden destination which can be covered from the leading destination, which will really increase your enjoyment four times. While exploring the main Naini Jheel, you must visit the ZooTiffen-Top, and china peak/Naina if you are planning to visit here, don’t forget boating over the holy Naina lake, and also travel via cable care, the cable car runs to Snow View observation point (at 2,270m), with vistas over the town and mountains including Nanda Devi.

Fabulous scene of a beautiful evening, form Kotabagh near Nainital Uttrakhand pic by-Miss Arti Negi

Best known for:–  Nainital is especially known for its beautiful lakes, trekking, riding, camping, hiking, and also known for the sweet name called Jalebi (funnel cake)  must have it once you visit there, ask for lote wali jalebi.

Let me show you the list where you can visit in Nainital district itself.

  • Bhimtal lake

    panoramic view of Bhimtal, Nainital, Uttrakhand
    The beautiful scenery of Bhimtal lake Uttrakhand

Beautiful Bhimtal city is just 20 kilometers away from the Nainital. It is a small town having lots of amazing landscapes all around, and it has an attractive market where you can get anything which you want, there are lots of cafes, restaurants, villas, hotels, villages, and bars all around the market. It is also a hub of institutions and schools.

Bhimtal is an excellent honeymoon destination for those who want to take more enjoyment in less time. Magnificent lake in the lap of the mountains, It is covered by the mesmerizing green trees all around. It is known for Paragliding a kind of adventure, do not forget to take the joy of fantastic paragliding.

  • Sattal lake:-

    wonderful image of sattal Nainital, Uttrakhand, the old pigeon
    amazing lake and lush-green jungles, pic credited trip advisor

Very far from the hustle-bustle of life, an excellent place for meditation, the small town covered with the beautiful villages all around make it so so unique and unforgettable, it is just 17 kilometers away from Nainital and 5 kilometers away from Bhimtal Lake, a small hill-station you must like this. Green dense jungles, and mesmerizing high mountains all around, cool and fresh weather, taking a ride on the motorboats and having maggie is one of the favorite adventures of Sattal lake.

  • Nakuchyatal lake:- 

    Best tourist place in Uttrakhand is sattal
    A beautiful morning at Nakuchyatal, Sattal Uttrakhand.

“lake of nine corners” is a small town with lots of villages around, a hill station near to the Bhimtal Lake about 5 km. away. It has lovely scenery all around, a peaceful village; this is the destination for those who want a pure shade and peace of nature. Those who love meditation and peace of life, I will especially suggest them to visit once there.

  • Garud Tal lake:

    top destination to visit in Uttrakhand
    a beautiful day with visitors in Garud Tal, Sattal

Garud Tal is one of the seven lakes of Sat Tal. This lake is situated near to the Bhimtal lake; it is so wonderfully cool and calm place. The name of the rest lakes are Purna lake, Ram Lake, Sita Lake, Laxman Lake, Nal Damyanti lake, Sukh lake.

  • Mukteswar:-

    best honeymoon destination in uttrakhand india
    panoramic view of Mukteswar Nainital

A beautiful town is having snow-covered on every winter season for sure. Very cool place and hill station itself, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Uttrakhand, amazing green hills and mesmerizing mountains with green trees and lovely looking villages all around makes it unique and so hilarious. I must tell you to visit there at least once in your life; after visiting here, you won’t be able to think to go back to your home, imagine how beautiful a place it is. It is not so far from Nainital even it would around 50 k.m. away from there. I would definitely recommend this to all of you. You would get a great combination of the people over here, it is a 24*7 most relaxed place and covered with snow most of the time in the winters. Snow lovers must visit here.

  • Jim Corbett national park:-

    Best picnic spot in Uttrakhand
    life outdoors, An amazing Himalayan leopard family -Jim Corbett Uttarakhand

A wonderful destination for wildlife lovers. It is situated in a small city called Ramnagar comes under the Nainital district. A vast wild life belt over there, a lot of wild animals you can see there mainly it is reserved for the tigers of Himalayas. You can have a safari visit all over the jungle and have some best memories of your life.also there is a famous temple by the name of Grajiya Mata” Temple lovers must visit there.

  • Kathgodam:-

best place to visit in Naintal Uttrakhand
The beautiful Railway station Kathgodam Uttarakhand

Gateway of Kumaon, the final destination of Kumaon railway passengers, a beautiful place on the foothills of Kumaon Nainital, High lush green mountains, beside the Great Gaula river will make you feel so calm and cool. The fragrance of hills is mesmerizing and unforgettable; there is a temple by the name of Ranibag, one of the famous pilgrims of Hindus situated just a kilometer away from the city of Kathgodam a beautiful place and a small Dham of Uttrakhand.

  • Haldwani:-

50+ best places to visit in uttarakhand
Beautiful Nainital-Kathgodam highway pic by euttranchal

The hub of Kumaon is not a hill station, but It is a fantastic town that has an elegant mesmerizing look and panoramic view. The market of Haldwani makes it very popular, and it is situated near to the foothills of Kumaon. Hence, the place carries a lot of sceneries; view from here to the Green hills gives it a beautiful look, and also, the weather of Haldwani always cool and maintained accordingly. On top of that, there is a holy river locally named Gaula, which originated from Sattal Nainital.


In the middle of dense jungle near Bhowali Nainital highway
early in the morning somewhere near to the Bhowali, Highway Almora-Bhowali, Nainital. Amazing click credit goes to Mr. Rajendra Singh Negi
top 10 destination to visit in Uttrakhand, beautiful Bhowali
a random click of beautiful Bhowali

The coolest place is basically known for its gardening of quality fruits. Best known for Bhowali apples. 10 k.m. away from Nainital, it could be the best destination for the nature lover, It is in the lap of mountains. Little market having such beautiful decorated fruit all over. also, there is a famous temple named “Kainchi Dham,” “Baba Neeb Karoli temple,” almost 5 k.m away from here.

The faith for this temple really wonders for all the tourists; people believe that Baba Neeb Karoli was a priest of the temple, having great magical powers, they have done a lot of miracles, people say he was living God or God messenger in the earth.

Best place for meditation in Uttrakhand
The beautiful temple of baba neeb Karoli (pc by

People do not even believe only almost everyone who knows them and who has heard to the story; says he was God a supreme power a very kind person having such powers they have rescued many people’s life. Even when Apple’s maker Steve Jobs was in trouble a while ago, he came here at the temple, and he talks about the power of the temple and its miracle. Basically, he came here to meet with Baba Neeb Karoli, but unfortunately, he permanently absorbed in the meditation of God.


coldest place in uttarakhand in june
A beautiful home somewhere in the village near  Almora Uttarakhand

The capital of Kumaon is a fantastic place, a lover’s destination, a lovely hill station, and home of the temples. Surrounded by the dwindling pines and old oaks, the city has a divine natural aura that is enough to allure anyone and everyone. To make the scenery even more mesmerizing, the snow-capped Himalayas stand in utmost grandeur to please the eyes of the admirer. If you visit Uttrakhand and you don’t visit Almora, then definitely you missed a wonderful station,  don’t ever miss the chance to visit in Almora whenever you plan to visit in Uttrakhand.  The village life of Almora is somehow more appealing.

top places to visit in uttrakhand
an amazing scene somewhere in the way of Almora, farmer plowing field with Heera and Moti (credit goes to Mr. Amit shah photography Nainital)

It is situated on the top of hills, a beautiful market covered with charming villages makes it so perfect, it has

Beautiful place to visit in Uttrakhand
Beautiful view of Planting paddy and playing children in somewhere at Someswar valley Uttrakhand pic form Mr.Amit shah wall

several visitors who come from nearby villages for marketing purposes, so there would be a little rush every time available in the market. The night view of Almora gives it a unique look. It really looks like a paradise on the earth.

Best known for– Almora is famous for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicrafts, and delicious cuisines, hiking, trekking, camping, Mountain biking, meditating, and a famous sweet named “BAL MITHAI” is the unique symbol of Almora, must-have if you visit here. It is available almost at every shop but asks for Kheem Singh Mohan Singh Rautela is very delicious sweet you will really like this.

Best hill station of Uttrakhand
A beautiful drone shot of Almora city (picture from the wall of Miss Babli Bisht’s Facebook, Almora)
  • Ranikhet:-

top 10 honeymoon destination in Uttrakhand
the mesmerizing view of a brilliant sunset on any typical day  in Ranikhet Almora clicked by –Amit Shah Photography

I hope all of you have heard about Ranikhet, and the beautiful town is the home of the great

best places to visit in himachal and uttarakhand
In the route of Ranikhet Almora pic credit –Rohit Bisht

Kumaon Regiment, a Post and camp of the Indian army, there are a lot of Bollywood movies that have been picturized in. The queen of Kumaon Ranikhet is a very famous adorable place just 50 k.m away from Almora, having such an extreme beauty all around. Best honeymoon destination, lovely hill station, and the best place for shooting, full of natural resources, wildlife, and beautiful temples, makes it extremely unique for the visitors. Beautiful market, charming villages, elegant atmosphere will take you to another world of life.

  • Chitai Temple Almora:-

    best temple of Uttrakhand, golu devta temple chitai
    judicial god of Uttrakhand Golu Devta

The best worship place. The temple of Chitai basically known for a very famous local deity “GOLU DEVTA.” people of Uttrakhand believe that he is the god of justice, mostly visitors among the local and outsiders visit here to compliant their unfulfilled desires, wishes, to the God Golu, they even write a letter of desires and unfulfilled wishes,

you can see n number of letters hanged around all over the temple they highly believe that whatever you ask to God Golu they definitely complete it; Once they feel that their desire completed they go back to the temple and to express their love and happiness to the god they give a bell, you can find thousand of bells hanged all over the temple.

The sweet sound of bells gives you a unique internal power. in a small destination form the temple to the road of Almora; there is a zoo a dear park as well  I must suggest you visit there you will get a lot of Animals especially the Hilli Leopard, musk deers, beers.

  • Dol Ashram Chainpuri:-

    best picnic spot in uttrakhand
    The mesmerizing view of the Dol ashram Almora ( pic credit facebook-form the wall of Prema Bisht)

best picture of beautiful Himalaya Uttrakhand.
beautiful Himalaya view from a little bit far away from Almora at Lamgara

Very far from the hustle-bustle of life, a cool and quiet place is just 45 k.m. away from Almora. A wonderful place in the middle of a dense jungle, mesmerizing green hills covered with pine and oak trees. Beautifully developing as an institute of yoga and meditation. It offers Vedic methodology and spiritual studies, which really critical but crucial and imperative for living a healthy balanced life. The best space for spirituality. Cool looking hermitage with lots of temples gives a unique feeling to the visitor. It is cool almost every time in a year.

amazing view from the highway of Almora
     It comes under the place called Lamgara from where you can have an extream view of The Great Himalayan mountain series. Lamgara is a very small town, a beautiful small hub that connects almost 40 villages together, and it is almost 3 k.m. away from there to the route of Almora-dol ashram.
cool destination in Uttrakhand
A fantastic view of a beautiful home after snowfall this winter near Lamgara way to the Dol ashram (pic credit goes to Mr. Arjun Bisht Lamgara  Almora.
  • Soni Binsar:-

Shiva temple in Soni Binser
temple of the Great Lord Shiva in the beautiful jungle of Soni binser

Best known for Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary so again who love the wildlife; animals birds and lots of wild animals, can visit this place, this sanctuary spread over 50 k.m. it just near to the Ranikhet, while exploring Ranikhet you can visit there it will add on the double of joy in your life. It is almost 15 k.m. away from Ranikhet. There is a wonderful Shiva temple also gives it unique importance in the term of beauty. Cool-weather, mountain view, pure sound of twitting birds waw you feel terrific, I must suggest you to visit there.

  • Jageshwar: –

    Wonderful place to visit in Uttrakhand
    A beautiful temple in the dense jungle of Jageswar Almora

A pure land of a local deity, lots of temples, lots of greenery, the best place for meditation. It is almost just 30 k.m away from the Almora market. It has a unique view and lots of villages connected with it wonderfully.

  • Kalimath:-

    best hill station in uttrakhand
    Beautiful village Kalimath near Almora credit

Itis a fairy tale hamlet located in Almora district. This village comes under Kalimath Panchayat. It is situated near about 5km away from Almora.

  • Katarmal:

    temples in Uttrakhand
    A temple dedicated to the god Sun Katarmal Surya mandir Almora Uttrakhand

The Katarmal Surya Temple is a 9th-century temple built by Katarmalla, a Katyuri King, exhibiting the architectural style of the ancient artisans. A wonderful-looking temple has beautiful scenery all over. It is very near to the Almora market, so you can add this place to your visiting list while you explore the Almora market.

  • Kasar Devi:-

    top place to visit in Uttrakhand
    A beautiful Morning in the Vill- Maichor Kasar Devi Uttarakhand Credit: Pawan Mehta

A beautiful temple in the peak of the mountain, a small town covered with Beautiful villages all around, pure lush greenery, mesmerizing green hills, and fragrance of pine and cedar trees. An amazing pure land of divinity. It is almost 8 k.m. away from the Almora market. Scientifically proven temple with some unique energy. Local people believe the power of divinity is the reason behind this unique power.


  • Dwarahat:

    A picture of an amazing city called Dwarahat Almora
    A random click of the city Dwarahat, amazing scenery  (credit goes to the Facebook page Hamara Pyara Uttarakhand)

A city of temples is a small hill station which is almost 70 k.m. away from Almora, known for its beauty and engineering college, cool weather, an excellent market, calm nature a pure shade of trees attracts the visitors of all around the could also be a wonderful honeymoon station for lovers.

  • Bindravasini:-

    Best place to visit in Uttrakhand
    beautiful local women performing a traditional dance in the venue of the temple (credit goes to Miss Babli Bisht )

locally named “Banari Devi” It is situated 30 k.m. away from the Almora, it comes under the root between Almora to dol ashram, after exploring the Dol ashram and going back to Almora you must visit this place, you will fell you are on the clouds, really amazing view out of the temple. It is a pure land of Ma Bindravasini (a local divinity), having pleasant cool weather. The scenery from the ground of temple will give you a unique feeling, you will feel like; the series of Himalayas mountain is looking at you, this is the place from where you can see almost all the places like Almora market, Jageswar, Dol ashram, Chitai temple, lots of villages and much more.

  • Lohagat:-

The beautiful Himalayan range from a point in Lohaghat Uttrakhand
the mesmerizing view of The Great Himalaya photo credit; Sajal Bose

It is a little bit far from Almora because it comes under the district of Champawat. Full of natural resources situated at the valley of Champawat near about 10 k.m. from there. beautiful valley cover with green deodar trees. A small market covered with beautiful green hills. The fragrance of the fresh air comes through the decor tree is impressive, really. It is almost 70 k.m away from the city of Almora, must visit here once while exploring Almora.

So this was a list of place in Almora you can visit there are the main place, but there is a lot of things more to explain I would definitely write a unique article on it.


A perfect click of beautiful kausani almora
Mini Switzerland of India really looks so amazing, a paradise on the earth, Kausani.Uttrakhand

The Mini Switerzlandof Uttarakhand is a place with all beauty and natural resources. It comes under the Bageshwar district. and not so far from Almora, it is almost 52 km away from Almora market. Basically, know for extreme beauty and the close view of the HIMALAYA RANGE MOUNTAINS. The scenery from Kausani makes it so unique and magnificent; almost every time of the year, you may see the visitors there. The best place for photography. Photography lovers must visit there. Maybe your one-click makes you famous, really. It has a lot of unique scenes. Cool site, pleasant weather, hill station, hight peaks are most viewpoints of Kausani.

It is famous for its scenic splendour and its spectacular 300 km-wide panoramic views of Himalayan peaks like TrisulNanda Devi and PanchchuliMahatma Gandhi called this place the ‘Switzerland of India’; also, our former prime minister Late Jawahar Lal Nehru have visited this place a couple of times. So it has a significant contribution to the history of Uttrakhand. It was a historical capital city of Uttrakhand people says sometimes. You can explore the Tea gardenBaijnath temple, and Anasakti ashram Rudrahari Mahadev Temple, Kausani Shawl Factory, Rudradhari Falls Caves, and Laxmi ashram.

Best known forWildlife, trekking, Hiking, mountain biking, and grandeur standing Himalayan sceneries.

Nearby Kausani there are some other places which I would like to suggest you to visit there…

  • Bageshwar:

    best time to visit uttarakhand
    An Attractive view of Bageshwar Uttrakhand

Bageshwar is known for its scenic beauty, Glaciers, Rivers, and Temples. It is also a district of Uttrakhand. Situated on the confluence of Saryu and Gomati rivers, Bageshwar is surrounded by the mountains of Bhileshwar and Nileshwar to its east and west and by the Suraj Kund in the north and Agni Kund in the south,

Best scene of confluence of great rivers
the confluence of two great rivers in Bagewshar pic by-Piyush PharsWan

It is the place of lord shiva, lord shiva used to meditate here that’s why the place converted into temple later on by the name of Bagnath Temple, Bageshwar has a significant contribution on the history of if you want to visit there, then you can have a great experience.

Best known for- It is known for its famous fair called Uttarayani Kautik, a pilgrim of Hindus, a holy place for worship, a home of lord shiva.



  • Baijnath:-

beautiful baijnath temple bageshwer
A beautiful Morning at the home of The Great Shiva Baijanth

According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Parwati married in the delve of Gomti river and Garur Ganga. It is located on the bank of Gomti river near Bageshwar, almost 20 k.m. away from the main market of Bageshwar district; one of the ancient temples of Uttarakhand, People believe that Lord Shiva used to meditate here a couple of thousands year ago, that’s why the religious visitor must visit there to

beautiful pic of working couple in field bageshwar
no caption required image says a lot about the beauty and unity of Uttarakhand (pic from the Facebook page Baijnath temple Bageshwar)

get a glimpse of Lord Siva. People say that there is a unique history of this temple, which can be seen in the Puranas and Vedas in Hinduism.

  • Badrinath temple:-

    Evening shot of bagnath temple bageshwer
    A wonderful evening at the temple of Baba Bagnath Bageshwar
    pic credit- Miss Niharika Lokesh

Bageshwar named just because of this temple called Bagnath; It is situated in the delve of Gomti and Saryu bank. A famous Hindu temple, a huge contribution in history. Almost 2 k.m away from the market of Bageshwar. Hindu mythology says Lord Shiva manifests themself as the tiger in this temple to a saviour of humanity.

  • Kanda village:-

    amazing picture of beautiful village punchora kanda bageshwar
    such a fantastic view of village Punchora Kanda, Bageshwar pic credit-Beautiful Bageshwar

Kanda is a beautiful village, almost 25 k.m away from the Bageshwar main city. It like a little town with lots of villages connected. It is famous for the temple of Kalika Mata and Kalishan. Culture lovers must visit there to see the colours of culture in Kanda. Thousands of visitors visit here to exchange the ancient cultures. The culture of villages makes you feel extraordinarily wonderful and unique. The people of Kanda and their villages are so hardworking, they still have saved the spirit of the culture of Uttrakhand.

  • Bigul Village:-

    a beautiful picture of Himalayan peaks from bigul bageshwar
    “A dramatic view of the Himalayan Peaks” – from village Bigul near Bageshwar, Uttarakhand. pic from the wall of Mr. Umesh Gogna

Very few people know about this hidden destination. While exploring the Bageshwar, you must explore this beautiful village; It is full of sceneries and fabulous views of snow-covered Himalayan range form this village has a unique point. These could be the best destination to explore after Kausani.


auli uttarakhand ,beautiful auli looking cool in the morning
Laughing sun in the beautiful morning of Auli Uttrakhand (pic credit-Arindam Bhattacharya‎)
a beautiful pic after snowfall at auli
what could be the caption for this picture? please comment below pic by (Arindam Bhattacharya‎)‎

A wonderful place comes under the Chamoli district in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. Best known for its Skiing, fully covered snow and magnificent mountains all over makes it so so beautiful destination for the visitor.  Skiing resort is the attraction of visitors as well, which is spread over 5 to 7 k.m. in the distance.

The fragrance of Himalayan cedar trees gives you an adorable and fresh feeling while you are exploring this place. You can visit there any point of time in the year; snow lovers must visit this place because in winter it covered by natural snow but in time of summer govt. has made an artificial snow ground where the visitor can take the joy of snow. It is a beautiful destination for gleeful people; you can do different kinds of skiing and tracking here like; Alpine skiingNordic skiingTelemark skiing.

People who want to learn skiing they give you a facility for training as well. You can take enjoy of cable car here. Joshimath is the best accommodation place for the visitor to Auli.

Best known for– Skiing, camping, mountaineering, hiking, and trekking.


The capital city of Uttrakhand has a wonderful valley view and a beautiful market. It has a lot of beautiful places where you can visit; It comes under the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand.

Best known for-  trekking, riding, Bungee Jumping, Skiing, Mountain biking, Scuba diving, Zorbing, Rock climbing and Hang Gliding
  • Mussoorie:

    places to visit in uttarakhand in monsoon
    It seems the sun is saying bye-bye for the day at Mussoorie hills, a wonderful evening click pic by-Mr. Prakash Mehrotra

It is just 30 k.m away from the capital of Uttrakhand Dehradun. Famous by the name of the queen of mountains. A beautiful destination for honeymoon. It is a beautiful hill station covered with dense jungle along with charming villages. Sir George’s Averst house is a famous place for Mussoorie visitors.

Located on the way between Dehradun-Mussoorie roads, Kempty Falls is a beautiful cascade of water that falls to the ground. Surrounded by high mountain cliffs, One of the most renowned waterfalls in Uttarakhand, Kempty Falls, offers a mesmerizing panoramic view as the waterfalls from the mountains.

The name of Kempty Falls is taken from the terms “camp and tea,” implying the elaborate tea parties that were once organized here in evenings, eventually leading to a localized name Kempty. Offering a stunning view of water stream cascading down from a great height, it divides into five channels. The pond formed at the bottom of the falls makes an excellent spot for swimming and bathing. A flight of stairs leads to the lake where one can soak in fun with friends and family. Quite famous among the tourists as a picnic spot, the perennial Kempty waterfall is crowded almost throughout the year.

  •  Lal Tibba:

    a beauful sunset image clicked in lansdowne Uttrakhand
    what could the best feel more than having a cup of tea with a beautiful sunset, no other words to say. so perfect clicked by-Dipansh Madaan

Lal Tibba is located on the top of Depot Hill in Landour, approximately 6 kilometers from Mussoorie. Being the highest point in the area, Lal Tibba is one of the most stunning viewpoints in the region. Lal Tibba is the picture-perfect place to fulfill your sightseeing desires. The view of Nilkantha peak, Badrinath, Kedarnath peak, Banderpoonch range are the best attraction for the visitors.

  • Lake Mist:-

Lake Mist falls on the way to Kempty Falls, and it is among the most beautiful destinations in the Mussoorie. Green Jungels covers the lake, a beautiful, jaw-dropping scene, and calm weather makes it a perfect destination for visitors.

  • Gun Hills:-

    places to visit in uttarakhand in monsoon
    sometimes in the monsoon at the point of gun hills Mussoorie Dehradun pic by Miss Barkha Pandey

It is one of the highest points in the entire area of Mussoorie, most wonderful views towards the doon valley; It attracts photographers mainly so photography lovers must visit there.

There is reason behind the name of it because it is among the highest point so from here you can see the most of villages of the doon valley, so at time when there was a British regulation in India Gun used to be fired from this hill to adjust the people their watches because watches are the only parameters to watch times. There was no phone, no televisions, and no other thing to watch time.


a beautiful resort in Dhanaulti Uttrakhand
The fragrance of cedar trees somewhere in the city of Dhanaulti Uttrakhand pic – from the wall of Mr. Umesh Tiwari‎

A small town next to the Mussorie, visiting Dhanaulti seems to be the best and Nature calling place. Feel energetic and excited about the environment. It is just 30 k.m away from Mussorie. Himalayan peaks views, pleasant village, Forrest everywhere, greenery attracts most of the visitors, In the time of summer when it’s hot everywhere then this place become the best destination to feel the fresh crisp air, almost winter in a whole year so, most of the visitors come in the time of summer to get rid of the Scorching sun.

There is not a big market; you can get the needy thing obviously. Still, for better accommodation, Mussoorie is the next door, you can get few modern cafes where you can get rid of the tiredness of the day, you can explore the whole day and get back to the Mussoorie, there are not so many places to visit still it one the favorite destination for the visitors. Dhanaulti forests are full of alpine, oak, and rhododendron trees; the weather of this place is incredible in summers. It is a place you can enjoy theatrical mountains, sunrise, and the majestic valley view. Let’s see the areas in Dhanaulti to explore.

  • Dhanaulti Eco Park:

    best place to visit in uttrakhand
    fantastic pick-nick spot Dhanulti eco-park Uttrakhand

Ecu park is just situated about 2 km away from the main market of Dhanaulti, and the park is a prime picnic spot full covered with oak and pine trees as far as the eye can see. This place becomes more specialized and charming during sunrise and sunset. The park is made up of two woodlands, Amber and Dhara, about 200 meters from one another. It was established by the Divisional Forest Officer and the people of Dhanaulti to curb the rise of poverty, through the creation of local jobs. So I think you must visit to take the joy of life.

A paradise for trekkers, this is just 8 km away from Dhanaulti almost, You may feel little bit difficulty while trekking up to the temple, but highly rewarding panoramic views that can bring unique joy. It is one of the famous ‘Shaktipeeth’ temples in India. It is a temple dedicated to Mata Parwati. Temple lovers must visit; you will feel a different level of peace.

A wonderful stop to have something if you are hungry; this is an exciting spot to visit. You can find a variety of jams and juices and other products less of purity. It is a place where the local Dhanaulti farmer store all kinds of apple form their orchards. Local people sourced all apple corp, so it becomes a little business for locals. The sheer variety of apples and their by-products is marvellous. Visitors usually purchased this kinda variety of apples and other products to their families.

  • Aloo Khet:- 

A potato farm near to the town of Dhanaulti.I mean not so far. Visitors used to go for a long walk to see the farming of potato; It has created local jobs for the local farmers. An incredible sunset overlooking to the doon valley gives it a unique view and importance in the book of best places in Dhanaulti. 

  • Dashavatar Temple:-

    Beautiful view of DDhanaulit Deogarh uttrakhand
    Beautiful view of DDhanaulit Deogarh

locally known by the name of Panchayatan Temple, almost 10 km away from Dhanaulti in Deogarh.temple was build during the Gupta Empire in dedication to Lord Vishnu, again the temple lover must visit there to see the beauty around the temple and its unique design.


  • Camp Thangdhar:
beautiful resort near the camp Thangdhar Tehri garhwal uttrakhand.
beautiful resort near the camp Thangdhar Tehri Garhwal, pic for the wall of

It is almost 14 km away from Dhanaulti, as its name it is very famous for camping, the camp spot is surrounded by beautiful pine and oak trees all over around. Must visit to take become a part of activities like; rock climbing, mountain biking, and trekking. Wonderful scenes and cool nature and high mountains all around make it a trendy destination. There is a temple for Jain as well.


An amazing view from the temple of chopta peak Uttrakhand.
panoramic view from the temple of Chopta peak Uttrakhand pic credit goes to -official Facebook page Chopta Tungnath

 How can we forget the name of Chopta if we talk about the best place to visit in Uttrakhand. A small hamlet located in the way of Kedarnath, in Rudraprayag District of Garhwal region. It is almost 30 k.m away from Ukhimath; it is also a part of Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary, In the middle to dense green jungles, tweaking birds, and calm cool weather makes it so unique for the visitors. Chopta is an ideal destination for seeking trekkers to go on a guided trek and brush up their skills.

Chopta is an unspoiled natural destination lying in the lap of the Himalayas and offers terrific views of the imposing Himalayan range, including Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba. Photography lovers must visit here; you will get ultimate scenes that will make your portfolio unique and best. The green forest and sceneries all over will make you feel this place like paradise in the earth. Chopta village is surrounded by forests of pine, decor trees, and rhododendron and is rich in flora and fauna include rare species of birds and musk deer. An excellent balance of wildlife you can see here only. Once you visit here, I am sure that you will never forget this.

Best known for:- Trekking, Snow trekking, snow skiing, Rock craft, rock climbing, rappelling, and Himalayan views.

Best places to explore in Chopta are mentioned below-

  • Chandrashilla Peak:-

    a beautiful view somewhere in chandrshila peak
    an amazing view somewhere in the village near Chandrshila peak, photo by-Chandrashila Peak official Facebook page

It is the highest point of Tungnath; it is called a moon rock, Chandrashilla peak provides glorious views of the Himalayas, including NandadeviKedar PeakTrisulBandarpunch and Chaukhamba peaks. As per the Hindu mythology, people believe that Lord Rama had meditated here after defeating Ravana. Some other says Moon Chandra has spent some time here. It is almost 1.5 k.m. away from Tungnath.

  • Deoria Tal –

    an extream view of the Great Himalayas near Deoria Tal Uttrakhand pic by -Mr. Amit shah Nainital

The Reflection Lake Devariyatal is an emerald

Amazing click "Indra Sarovar" Deoria Tal with the Peak of Himalaya deoria tal uttrakhand
Amazing click “Indra Sarovar” Deoria Tal with the Peak of Himalaya, pic fro the wall of Bharat Negi

d lake. It is almost 3 k.m. from the villages of Mastura and Sari on the Ukhimath-Chopta road. It has a heavily wooded jungle, lush green surroundings with snow-covered mountains in the backdrop. During the early morning on a clear day, Devariya Tal blesses the tourists with miraculous reflections of Chaukhamba peaks on its crystal clear water. Deoriatal is an easy and weekend trek for beginners. One can also extend their trek to Bisuri Tal, Chopta via Rohini Bugyal, and even to Tungnath and Chandrasila. If you are exploring chopta, then don’t forget to visit here, it will give you an unforgettable memory of views.

  • Tungnath: –

    somewhere in the way of tunganth uttrakhand.
    It seems both are worried; the owner is concerned for riders and horse is concerned for carrying the rider in the hard hill ways. somewhere on the way of Tungnath Best pic ever by-Amit Sah Photography Nainital (copied caption as well)

The peak of Tungnath has the highest temple of Lord Shiva in the world, Tungnath peacefully adorned on the Chandranath Parvat, it is one of the highest  Panch Kedar temples of Uttarakhand.

It is the third in the pecking order of the Panch Kedar. Again the temple lover and the god lover must visit here. You will get a unique piece of calmness and wonderful feelings of the mountains, and a fresh smell, twitting birds, will extremely make your day: best meditation and yoga place, greenery all over and surrounded with beautiful trees of cedar and pine.


beautiful picture of ukhimath uttrakhand.
Beautiful temple and its view all around look like a heaven on the earth. pc: Ukhimath

It is a small town in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. A beautiful Lord Shiva temple makes it so adorable for visitors. View of Himalaya looks fresh from here, and it seems like a heaven in the earth. However, every place of Uttrakhand looks like a heaven for the visitors, but it has a kind of

sympathetic-landscape which you will not get any corner of the whole world. It is almost 40 k.m away from its district, Rudraprayag, but it is nearby Chopta, so while exploring Chotpta must add this place on your visiting list. Guys, you will get a different feeling and comfort to the heart. When Kedarnath becomes inaccessible due to heavy snowfall in winter, it becomes the home of Kedarnath “Lord Shiva.”

  • The Kanchula Korak Deer Musk Sanctuary:-

    Best picnic spot in uttrakhand
    Beautiful musk deers having their food pic by- Travel Triangle
Again the wild lover’s destination, while exploring this, you can see a variety of Musk deer and all other wild animals easily. Fully covered with green vegetation makes it unique in the eyes of visitors.


temple of lordshiva kedarnath dham uttrakhand.
Home of The great lord shiva, the paradise of earth, pilgrim of Hindus

The land of God Shiva comes under the Rudraprayag District.

There is some excellent destination, or you can say the best place to visit in Kedarnath. I mean, while exploring the pure land, you must explore these following places. 

Best known for:-  famous for the home of Lord Shiva, famous Dham among the Chardham, trekking peaks, mountain climbing, camping, and rock climbing.

  • Kedarnath Temple:-

It is also the best destination of Kedarnath in Rudraprayag District, among the Chardham destination like; YamunotriGangotriBadrinath, and Kedarnath is one of the famous destinations for the temple visitor and Lord Shiva’s devotees. Due to the extreme weather, the door of the temple opens only in the month between April to November. In the winter season, Lord Shiva comes to is located on the Himalayan range near the Mandakini river. 

One of the best places on the earth really, there is no comparison of this place. No one knows how heaven looks like, but you can assume it must be like Kedarnath. The view of the white snow mountains from here looks like they Kissing the sky. So cool, cold weather almost every time snow.

The disaster which came in 2013 has dismissed a lot of lives and land of God. I pray to the god that never does this again anywhere in the world. People cames here to have a Glance of the lord shiva. My God, if disaster will happen in this kind of pure land, then no will be going to believe you.

By the way, I am sorry this is not the place to show the emotions, I am here to provide you the best place to visit in Uttrakhand. I can guaranty you that you can’t get this kind of place on the earth. Must visit here once if you plan to visit in Uttrakhand.

Vasuki Tal offers an excellent view of the neighboring Chaukhamba peaks and more Himalayan mountains, and it is the best destination for trekking lovers, It has contributed to the history of Mahabharata also according to Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu took a bath on this lake at the marvellous occasion of Raksha Bandhan, and some say that after the great war of Mahabharata, the Pandavas brothers took little rest there.   

Somewhere Hindu mythology says the name Gauri comes from the Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati, she knows as by the name of Gauri, to win the love of Lord Shiva, Gauri used to practice the yogic penance and meditation here.  Shiva finally admitted His love for Her. They were married at Triyugi Narayan, which is located nearby. There are hot springs in Gaurikund, and they are converted to bathing places. It is such a beautiful place recommended to the history lover visitors who wanna add some knowledge in their diary. The ultimate view all around really a mesmerizing, must-visit while exploring Kedarnath it is not far from the Temple. It is situated on the banks of the Mandakini River.


beautiful badrinath city chamoli Uttrakhand
magnificent view Badrinath town, Chamoli Uttrakhand

Badrinath is a small town that comes under the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand, and this could be the best place to visit in Uttrakhand for temple lovers. It is a beautiful town less with green trees it is situated in the lap of two big mountains named Nar and Narayana. It is famous for the temple of Badrinath, one of the Chardham destination. Beautiful nature and cold weather every time in a year make it so perfect place for all the visitors. Really once you go there, you won’t feel to go back to your home. The view of the temple and the temple design is extremely so ancient and so unique.

So let’s explore it and let’s see what the best place to visit in Badrinath.

  • Badrinath temple:-

 This temple makes Badrinath so famous and pure land of god. It is situated at the banks of Alaknanda River; the temple is consequently an excellent, adorable design, an antique look of the temple gives goosebump on the body. It seems you are in the lap of paradise. no word to express the beauty of the

badrinath temple view at night
Ultimate evening at the Badri Vishal temple

temple, again, I will say the best destination for temple lovers. Just because of the Himalaya, it also has extreme weather conditions; that’s why the door of the temple closes as soon as the winter comes after November. According to Wikipedia, It is one of the most visited pilgrimage centers of India, having recorded 1,060,000 visits.

The temple is mentioned in ancient religious texts like Vishnu Purana and Skanda Purana. It is glorified in the Divya Prabandha, an early medieval Tamil canon of the Azhwar saints from the 6th–9th centuries AD. 

  • Nilkantha:-

    neelkanth peak garhwal Uttrakhand.
    “Queen of the Garhwal” amazing and beautiful pic by Miss Poonam Sharma 

It is a significant peak of the Himalayas, and the Nilkantha peak is situated over the Alaknanda river. It looks like a crown of earth, and the sky-high mountain looks like kissing to the sky. The best destination for the climber. 

  • Vasudhara Falls:-

    a mesmerizing view of the fall Vasundhara near mana village uttrakhand.
    a mesmerizing view of the fall Vasundhara near mana village Uttrakhand pc: Mr.B.L. Malviya

  It is a waterfall not so far from Badrinath; It joins the river falls towards the Badrinath Temple; that’s why it bypasses the region. It is on the walkable distance of the Mana village of Chamoli, the last village in the border of Nepal and India. As per Hindu mythology, people say the waterfall used to flow towards the region, but because of the impure heart touched it and it turned to a different way.

When you see it…😄 Urgam valley Chamoli Garhwal 21/05/19, pic from the wall of Rohit Bisht

Tehri Garhwal

Tehri Dam Lake View From Baurari, New Tehri uttrakhand
Tehri Dam Lake View From Baurari, New Tehri Tehri Tourism

An excellent destination, lovely Hill Station, a district of Uttrakhand itself, has a lot of natural resources and beauty. Wonderful sceneries all over the town. A beautiful market makes it a super destination, and it comes under the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. Beautiful landscapes attract the photographers; photography lovers must visit hereto capture the ultimate beauty of Tehri, there is a dam which produces electricity; it is the source of power not only for Uttrakhand, even for the whole country.

Green dense jungles and high peak mountains all over will be enough to spread a beautiful fragrance in your life. You would definitely like it. It has become a spot for the shooting of Bollywood movies nowadays, and recently there are some movies has picturized like; Batti gul meter chalu and some scenes of Kedarnath as well. It is also a honeymoon destination as well, so if you are planning to visit in Uttrakhand so must add this place in your list. Now I will be going to share some hidden places, so while exploring this, you can have a visit to those beautiful places you would definitely going to get the best of your life. So let’s visit together one by one, my friends.

  • Tehri Dam:-

    beautiful scene of theri dam lake suman sagar uttrakhand.
    Tehri dam Lake “Suman Sagar” ultimate scene

One of the largest dam in Asia. With the help of two great rivers of Himalayas Bhagirathi and Bhilangana, the dam produces electricity good enough for the whole country. The view from the Dam and the hight of mountain roads gives it a magnificent look. Nature lovers must visit this place.

It is almost 20 k.m away from Tehri Garhwal. It is famous for its panoramic view of the magnificent Himalayas and the mesmerizing view of the great Bhagirathi river. In the lap of mountains, greenery all around looks terrific. It is a small town, and you can say a hill station for nature lovers. There are elegant forests of pine and deodar trees, with some excellent views. Unlike Mussoorie, this place is relatively quiet and picturesque, hence an excellent place to relax and wash off the city blues. The fresh and calm destination for those who are looking to take some rest for their rush full life.

  • Devprayag:-

    confluence of the Great river Alaknanda and the holy Bhagirathi Dev Prayag Uttrakhand
    A beautiful confluence of the Great river Alaknanda and the holy Bhagirathi Dev Prayag Uttrakhand

Devpryag is a town of Tehri located in the confluence point of rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, which become The Ganga river after this. It is a wonderful place of pilgrimage for Hindus, a different kind of relaxing weather and ultimate view makes it so perfect. It derives much of its religious significance from the dynamic and vibrant natural elements that surround it, such as the rivers.

  • Kanatal:-

    amazing view of the great Himalayan mountains from Kanatal Uttrakhand
    amazing view of the great Himalayan mountains from Kanatal pic from the Facebook page of Kanatal

Located in Tehri Garhwal district, a very scenic setting surrounding by mountains and rivers, with breathtaking views and scenery. The name of Kanata comes from a lake which was existed here a couple of hundred years ago. It is almost 35 k.m. away from the Tehri dam. You can see a lot of wild animals in Kanatal’s jungle so the wildlife lover must visit here.

Lansdowne | Lansdown

A beautiful sunrise, over a blanket of cloud at lansdowne uttrakhand
A beautiful sunrise, over a blanket of cloud, really amazing view (pic credit -Jitendra Kumar Jha Facebook wall)

If we talk about the Best place to visit in Uttrakhand, how can we forget the name of Lansdown! It was a permanent military station in the time of  British India. It is a town situated in Pauri Garhwal, a district of Uttrakhand. A beautiful hill station and honeymoon destination as well, it is initially known by the name of  Kaludanda in local of Garhwal region, where Kalu indicates the black and Danda goes to mountains in local Garhwali language; therefore, Lansdown has lots of black mountains all over.

Lansdowne is one of the quietest hill stations of India and is popular since British India time, there is an army command office of famous Garhwal Rifles nowadays so you can say it is more famous just because of the home of Army” Garhwal Rifles.”  it is miles away from the hustle-bustle of the city if you are tired with this kind of life then must visit once your all stress will go out magically in a minute after looking the green hills,  taking fresh breath of air and beautiful dense green jungle and the magnificent high mountains it seems like God has scattered all his artwork here.

So let’s visit some of the hidden destinations of Lansdown…

  • Bhulla Tal:-

    beautiful bhulla lake lansdowne made by our army brother
    Tribute to Garhwal Rifles Indian Army

Bhulla Lake is just  2 km away from Lansdowne Market; it is a small artificial lake. Made and maintained by the Garhwal Rifle a branch of Indian Army, One of the most favorite picnic spots among locals and tourists, the name Bhulla came from the local Garhwali word Bhula which means younger brother. just because of the young Garhwali Army brother helped in the construction of the lake that is why the lake named Bhulla Tal, almost every visitor who explores Lansdown comes first here, it is really a peaceful destination, incredibly mesmerizing hills and the greenery all around attract the visitors most. I highly recommend this place to the visitors who wanna really capture a wonderful piece of beauty in their eyes.

  • Tiffin Tof:-

    A wonderful view of the tiffin-tof lansdowne Uttrakhand.
    A beautiful, charming morning at tiffin-tof Lansdowne Uttrakhand

It the peak point of Lansdown, which is almost 02 k.m. away from the Lansdown market, beautiful view of the Himalayas, and picnic spot among the visitors. There is an impressive view of the Chaukhamba and Trishul peaks from this place.

Seeing the sunset from here would be the most pleasant experience of life, really. You will feel like you are at the top of the earth. The view of the valley seems you are looking down from the sky. Photography and nature lover must visit here.


beautiful place to visit in uttrakhand
Holy vibes from the foothill of Rishikesh Uttrakhand; form the wall of  Manshi Gupta

Among the famous adventures place in India, Rishikesh is one of them, located in the foot of the Himalayan hills, basically know by the name of Yoga capital of the world. It is famous for river rafting, bungee jumping, camping, trekking, and cliff jumping. Adventures city of Uttrakhand has a lot of places to visit. There is no comparison of Rishikesh. It is really a fantastic place for who want to live their life without any limitation, as much I say about Rishikesh is too little to describe the beauty. High mountains with green trees and it the bottom the holy river Ganga what an amazing scene, therefore, I will recommend you to visit once here to feel the real beauty of it, most importantly it is near the city of temple Haridwar, it is almost 20 k.m. away from there.

Let’s explore Rishikesh together; I have listed some beautiful places to visit in Uttrakhand Rishikesh.

  • Lakshman Jhula:-

wonderful view of Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Uttrakhand
magnificent view of Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Uttrakhand clicked by-Vikas Sharma

Just 5 k.m. away from Rishikesh, it is an over path bridge across the river Ganga. It provides a lot of  Panoramic views of temples and mountains together. It is called the home of temples.

Hindu mythology says the Great Rama’s brother Laxmana crosses the river Ganga from there with the help of jute made bridge, later on, it was renovated in the memory of Laxmana.

  • Triveni Ghat:-

best mediation place in uttrakhand
One day in the evening at Triveni ghat Ma Ganga aarti 🌸 Credits: Annelies de Jong

It is situated in a confluence of three significant holy rivers of India, the great Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Saraswathi. This place is one of the revered sacred bathes, people who take a dip into it believe that all sin in their whole life washes out with the help of pure, holy water of rivers; therefore, it is one of the amazing and famous destinations according to Hinduism.

  • Kaudiyala:-

best picnic spot in uttrakhand.
river rafting near to the Kaudiyala Rishikesh Uttrakhand

It is situated almost 22 k.m. away from the city, Kaudiyala is one the popular rock climbing destination of Uttrakhand. High hills, the dense green forest makes it so amazing. It is a famous spot destination. It provides river Rafting, climbing, camping, and trekking.

  • Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

    tourist place in up and uttarakhand
    Temple Neelkanth

Neel Kanth temple is dedicated to Shiva. An amazing place on the earth. It offers a panoramic view of the dense green jungle. A very cool and calm place.


Mini Kashmir of India, Pithoragarh sour valley, is a really untouched destination that has lots of places to visit in. It is the gateway to the essential pilgrim spots of Kailash, Om Parvat, and the holy Manasarovar lake.

best trekking spot in uttrakhand
A random click on a pretty scheduled day near Om Parvat, a little smile on the face can win thousands of hearts keep smiling always. pic credit Amit shah Photography Nainital

An excellent and most beautiful honeymoon destination of Uttrakhand, the best place to visit in Uttrakhand has full of natural resources and panoramic views. Very few people know about it. Dense evergreen jungles, high mountains, on the top of that standing massive range of Himalayan Mountains just in front of it because It is in the foot of Himalayan. 24*7 coolest place. This beautiful hill station situated at the border of India and Nepal. I will tell you some coolest places to visit in Pithoragarh below…

Best known for- rock climbing, Trekking, Snow trekking, snow skiing, Rock craft, rock climbing, rappelling, and Himalayan views.
sour valley of Pithoragarh uttrakhand.
a mesmerizing view of sour valley Pithoragarh pic by-Ashutosh Joshi


A gorgeous small town in the lap of  Himalayas, not so far from the valley of Pithoragarh it is almost 130 km away. Heaven on the earth has beautiful lakes, dense jungles, and white snowed Mountains, gorgeous all around. It is famous because it is the originating place of river Gori Ganga, magnificent wildlife, any number of wild flora plants and beautiful wildflowers.


top 10 best place to visit in Uttrakhand
random click on this monsoon; pic from

A small village covered with the pine trees all around the panoramic view of the village is so wonderful. A beautiful home of Askot Musk deer sanctuary, it is mainly famous for a temple fo Hindu deity Manu. Very far from the hustle-bustle of life, a pure land, coolest, and quiet place.

Gangoli Hat:-

beautiful village somewhere in Gangoli hat uttrakhand.
a small village spreading the beauty and fragrance in somewhere near Gangoli hat Pithoragarh, clicked by Vipin Parihar

A  famous pilgrimage, wonderful location Gangolihat is a place completely enriched with ancient culture and legendary myths. 75 k.m away from the Main city of Pithoragarh. Most importantly, it is famous because of the temple of Ma Kali. Mesmerizing view all around attracts the visitor, and a unique piece of calmness makes it so beautiful.


Best trekking place in Uttrakhand
beautiful Panchachuli Himalayan view (pic by Mr. Amit shah Nainital)

High White mountain series of the Great Himalaya looks so wonderful, so cool,

best tourist place to visit in Uttrakhand.
Magnificent Garbyang Village in Vyas Valley ⛰️ Dharchula ⛰️

Panchachuli peaks are a group of five snow-capped of the great Himalaya. No word for the beauty of Panchachuli, sky touch mountains standing like a brave security man of our also located on the Gori Ganga-Lassar Yankti divide.

best camping place in uttrakhand
somewhere in the Munsyari Hills Pithoragarh pic from the wall of Mr. Rohit Bisht

It was the collection of the best place to visit in Uttrakhand; i will try to cover all the beautiful places one by one on another article soon.

Please comment below which one is your best place to visit in Uttrakhand also, write down your favorite destination if you think I haven’t covered it. Subscribe to us for the latest available updates of our blog.

Thank you & Regards,

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