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Officially a big day for all of us Indians. Among the three national holidays together with the independence day on 15th August, then Gandhi Jayanti 2 nd October, Republic day of India are very important days in India. I will share some beautiful “26 January images” quotes and pics for you.


Why we celebrate on 26 January? 

I will describe all the points before I share “26 January Images” to you, my friends. We all know since our childhood that why we celebrate 26 January, right? Because we had usually celebrated this at our school as a REPUBLIC DAY  of  Our country.
Let me tell you the exact meaning of the REPUBLIC, republic means the head of the state as an elected representative. So on behalf of that, the day we have the first election to elect our land representative should have been the republic day of India m I right have you ever thought this?
Basically, on January 26,1950. We (the government of India) enforced the Constitution of India. It is the fundamental law of the land, it is the most powerful entity in India. Rule of laws that have been created that day; that is why we celebrate the republic day.
To fight for the independence of our country on 26, Jan 1930 Indian national congress proclaimed; that they will eliminate all foreign means British rules from India and will celebrate this day as an independence day, but later on we got independency on 15th Aug. but how can those forget the day when they proclaimed to discard the rule so, there were conditions by British government that once India has its own constitution, then they will completely abandon all the rules and will convert it to the republic country, so that is the reason government awaited for 26 January and announced the constitution of India.
best image ever bhagat singh; 26 jan images
Photo of a true patriot

Best of “26 January Images” –

all legendary heroes of our nation, republic day images 2020
the picture of the legends of India who have given their whole life to make our country independent
Legendary heroes of our Nation


Constitution writer
26 January images
Happy Republic day!

I would plead at your feet guys the zeal and the enthusiasm you show to our country on these prosperous days like; Independence day, Republic day and Gandhi Jayanti keep this kind of courage and passion towards our country on any typical day as well.

This was my collection for 26 January Images  I hope you all like this, It is my pleasure to provide you the best images ever in my blog. It is a Republic Day, the day on which our laws of law have been created, the day on which we got our constitution, so I wish you a pleased REPUBLIC DAY  to all of you.

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